New partnership with Australian Native Products (ANP)

Beacon Commodites (BCL) are very excited to announce a new partnership..

We have teamed up with Australian Native Products (ANP) who are the global leader in the production and wholesale supply of dried leaf and essential oil from the Australian native Lemon Myrtle tree.

BCL now stock dried Lemon Myrtle leaf from ANP in their UK Warehouse and hope to supply UK and European distillers with this distinctive and fragrant botanical.

Pioneers of native botanicals

ANP pioneered the farming of Australian native botanicals in 1998, with original plantations and production in The Channon, a beautiful and pristine region near Byron Bay on the NSW Far North coast. Today ANP operates three properties in NSW, with two larger plantations underway in Mareeba, North Queensland.

Lemon Myrtle leaf supplies in UK
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High percentage of citral in lemon myrtle

The extremely high levels of citral present in lemon myrtle mean that it has extremely valuable antioxidant and antimicrobial properties; greater than that of the terpene hydrocarbons found in Tea Tree oil.  Lemon myrtle boasts the highest naturally occurring percentage of citral, the chemical component that gives lemons, lemongrass, oranges, and lemon myrtle their refreshing citrus scent. Lemons typically contain approximately 6-9% citral, with lemon myrtle topping that at 90-99% citral.

If you are interested in sourcing this botanical then please contact Tommy on either +44 7900 244 939 or email him at .