Angelica Root and Angelica Seed

Trade in angelica root and angelica seed is extremely specialised with only a few recognised uses (the production of Gin being one of them).

As well as distilling, angelica is also used for decorating cakes and the perfumery trade. It is grown by a small number of farmers and at Beacon Commodities we have worked hard to expand our supply from regions and countries across Europe.

It is grown in Belgium, Germany, France and Poland. Beacon Commodities ensure they undertake annual trips to the growing regions to retain relationships with farmers and check on the quality of harvest. Harvests can be adversely affected by the weather as conditions may restrict access to the fields for harvesting.

Angelica root is probably the third most important botanical used in the production of Gin. It’s importance comes from being a fixative used by many distillers to produce Gin and therefore ‘bind’ many of the other volatile oils.

angelica seeds for gin supplies
angelica root botanicals gin supplies

Angelica root is an 18-24 month crop, planted in built-up rows with the roots reaching up to 30cms below ground. Above ground level a plant with green foliage grows throughout the summer but dies back with the onset of winter. The root can be harvested at any time but is usually harvested after 18 months, during the autumn. The roots are washed and then dried before being cut to various sizes depending on Beacon Commodities’ specifications.

Angelica seed has an extremely poor germination rate and therefore vast quantities are required. The seed needs to be well handled and dried to ensure effective storage and is therefore harvested in the summer (24 months after it was planted). Its use in the Gin Industry is not as common as angelica root but it proves a key botanical for some very well known Gins.

Beacon Commodities are working on growing their own UK angelica root. An exciting project that could lead to the second UK grown botanical.

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