The business is a father-son relationship with Michael and Tommy Haughton overseeing all aspects of the business.

Michael and Tommy travel extensively, visiting customers and suppliers all over the world with the ever increasing importance of auditing supplies of natural and processed products.

Beacon Commodities have been at the forefront of the latest interest shown in the Gin spirit category, supplying gin distilleries in 6 continents with botanicals from across the globe. They are receiving new inquiries almost daily from all over the world and expect this trend to continue for the time being.

Beacon Commodities has contacts in the animal by-product world which have been built up over a number of years and before Beacon Commodities was set-up.

Beacon Commodities is now well known throughout this specialised market which ensures a trustworthy and excellent service.

tommy michael houghton


Beacon Commodities is well known throughout these specialised markets which ensures a trustworthy and excellent service.

tommy haughton

Tommy Haughton

Tommy joined Beacon Commodities in 2013 having worked in agriculture in the South East of England for the previous 8 years. He is a fully qualified rural chartered surveyor and brings a wider knowledge of farming methods and how to attain the best crop results.

Tommy predominantly works on the botanical side, working closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure the quality and consistency of botanicals.

Since his time in the company, Tommy has expanded the number of countries where Beacon Commodities both source and supply their goods. This has enabled Beacon Commodities to offer their customers products of excellent quality in an ever changing and risk susceptible market.

Tommy took over ownership of Beacon Commodities Ltd in 2019 and is now the Managing Director.

michael haughton

Michael Haughton

Michael started work in 1972 as a grain and commodities trader in Ireland and then London, where he passed his trading exams. He worked and traded cereal commodities in Rotterdam, Buenos Aires and Toronto returning to London in 1978 to continue trading in grains and oil seed commodities. He acted as an arbitrator for the Grain & Feed Trade Association.

Michael started work at Kimpton Brothers in 1983, who were niche commodity importers and traders to the food manufacturing trade. He specialised in animal by-products, botanicals and foods.

In 1989, he was appointed Managing Director of Kimpton Brothers and Evans, Gray & Hood, a role in which he remained for 20 years. He developed and expanded the business in honey, cereals, pulses, chemicals, animal by-products, botanicals and foods. He is a past President of the International General Produce Association and acted on trade appeal hearings.

Michael set up Beacon Commodities in 2009 and continues to work closely alongside Tommy.

Beacon commodities source, store and distribute quality BOTANICALS, FOODS and ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS

We source, import, store and distribute niche commodities