Egyptian Citrus


Egyptian Citrus Inspecting and processing of our Lemon Peel and the start of the Sweet Orange Michael has recently returned from Egypt where he was inspecting the crop and processing of our Lemon Peel and the start of the Sweet Orange. Price increases for Sweet Orange The world orange juice price has risen significantly in recent months with demand outstripping supply and variable harvests across the globe. Lemon prices and supply fortunately remain stable. There will no doubt [...]

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Citrus Fruit Suppliers


Citrus Fruit Suppliers Sourcing of citrus peel and the citrus industry Citrus peel quality and supply Over the past month, Tommy has been back and forth to Spain to see his citrus processors in Murcia. The quality looks good this year but with ongoing questions on the continuity of supply. Sourcing quantities of citrus peel The sourcing of citrus fruit has become more problematic in recent years due to an uplift in demand from industries outside [...]

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Murcian Citrus Supplies


Murcian Citrus Supplies Checking on the progress of the citrus processing in Murcia, Spain. Almost two years to the day since his last supplier visit, Tommy dusted down his passport and headed for Murcia to check on the progress of the citrus processing. Excellent Spanish citrus fruit The region of Murcia produces excellent citrus fruit being perfectly located between mountains to west and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. Michael and Tommy have [...]

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Orange peel processing in Spain Video


Video of oranges being peeled in Murcia, Spain A short video following Tommy's trip to Spain to check the processing of oranges - check it out below! Read the full article on the orange processing in Murcia, Spain here

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Checking the Lemon Peel crop in Spain


Video of the Spanish lemon Peel crop 2019 We put together a short video following our trip to Spain to check the Lemon Peel crop - check it out below! Tommy recently visited Spain following some quite devastating floods in the Alicante/Murcia region in September 2019. He was there to check on the crops and the damage caused. It coincided nicely with the first processing of lemon peel. Please take a look at the video of his [...]

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Checking on the Spanish Citrus


Checking the progress of the Spanish Citrus The processing of citrus fruit is underway, and Tommy went to check in on the progress in Murcia, Spain. This region of Spain is well known for growing quantities of excellent fruit and vegetables. Beacon have been buying citrus peels from this region for many years now. Estimating fresh citrus In this region, the Bitter Orange is processed first, followed by Sweet Orange and finally the Lemon. We have to [...]

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The Craft Distilling Expo London 2018


The Craft Distilling Expo, London 26th – 27th September 2018 Beacon Commodities have returned from a successful exhibition at the Craft Distilling Expo in London. Held in the Old Truman Brewery off Brick Lane, the show attracted distillers from around the world. Michael gave a presentation on ‘Citrus Fruit’ to a lively audience and there was great interest shown in the Beacon Commodities stand across the two days. We put together a brief video on various botanicals for the [...]

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Botanical supplies and Brexit


Botanical supplies and Brexit Britain will leave the EU on 29th March 2019, which is only seven months away! Focusing on botanicals We have been asked how a possible ‘no deal’ will affect botanical supplies within the UK. With so much we cannot control and little information on what Brexit is going to look like we thought it was important to focus on the things we can control. Shipments and border crossings It is likely [...]

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Lemon processing in Egypt video


Lemon processing in Egypt Video We have put together a short video showing Michael hard at work peeling lemons in Egypt.

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Lemon harvest underway in Egypt


Lemon harvest underway in Egypt Michael visits our joint venture in Egypt that produces lemon and grapefruit ribbons. With the Lemon harvest underway in Egypt, Michael was sent to tackle the heat and dust to visit our joint venture where we are producing lemon and grapefruit peel ribbons. Lemon HarvestIt seems that we frequently report on crop problems, but this is the nature of farming which is being acerbated by climatic changes. Happily, the Egyptian lemon and grapefruit crops [...]

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