Beacon Commodities on lockdown

Some time has passed since our last Newsletter and we hope this finds you, your family and friends safe and well.

What strange times we are currently living in with devastating effects to life and the hospitality industry.

Beacon Commodities on lockdown

Tommy and Michael have always worked from home so there has been little change in the day to day running of the business. Many trips to suppliers across the globe have been cancelled and it is uncertain when these will resume. We have been discussing and taking advice on the morality of all these future trips. Currently we feel they are essential and should continue as soon as we are able.

Our UK Warehouse has continued to operate during this difficult period which has allowed us to meet orders and safely receive containers/trucks that were on the sea/road when lockdown came into effect.

Following Brexit planning and a significant slowdown in orders during lockdown we are carrying large stocks of all botanicals and are able to ship as normal.

Future harvests

It is too early to tell what impacts the virus will have on future crops but there is very little that the virus has not affected and therefore we must be braced for some disruption to the norm. This may be in a number of ways such as labour, processing, crop collection, transport and the supply of packaging materials. We will try to keep you updated on this matter.

The Brexit deadline of 31st December 2020 needs to be factored in whilst working with an extremely weak pound sterling.

The coriander harvest will be soon upon us with reports of severe droughts in both Morocco and Eastern Europe. Certainly, our UK coriander which was planted in April could do with a large ‘drink’.

Lockdown and gin botanical harvests
Sussex coriander making an appearance
The Drinks Trust donations
The iris flower for Orris root powder


During the current UK lockdown, Beacon Commodities are donating money to three fantastic charities for every kilo of Juniper Berries they sell. We have always supported the fantastic work of Save the Children and of Great Ormond Street Hospital but are now also donating an equal share to the Drinks Trust.

The Drinks Trust is the community organisation for the drinks industry, offering support and services to help its community thrive, to upskill, to broaden their knowledge, to network and learn from one another. It will also be there to support them in challenging times, with wellbeing and financial assistance.

English Coriander being harvested
English Coriander being harvested