Lemon Peel

The lemon peel harvest comes slightly later than orange peel but is undertaken in exactly the same way.

Beacon Commodities will deal with the same suppliers for all their citrus fruit but experience has shown that some suppliers provide better lemon peels and therefore a working knowledge and close relationship with each supplier is imperative.

Gin distillers are incredibly exact about the quality of lemon peel they expect and the production of peels used in making Gin is far removed from the juice and oil processing industries.

Similar to the orange peel harvest for fresh fruit and juice, collectors are allowed to hand select any fruit that remains on the trees. This in turn actually provides a vital service for the fresh fruit farmers as it is important to remove all the fruit so that any left fruit does not rot and attract pests. The lemons are then individually hand-peeled with the ribbons left out to dry naturally in the Mediterranean sun.

Lemon peel trade and wholesale supllies
Lemon peel trade and wholesale supllies

Harvest for the lemon can take place twice a year with small quantities harvested in November but with the major harvest between February-May.

Lemons are slightly different to peel than oranges as the pith of a lemon is much thinner than an orange and therefore it is easier to peel some of the fruit’s flesh. This is where Beacon Commodities’ experience in knowing their suppliers is imperative on how this may affect the production of Gin..

Please see our Newsletter, Issue 2 for more information on the lemon peel or please contact or phone +44 1473 810 107.