Coriander Seed

Coriander seed is grown by farmers as part of a traditional rotation crop and is traded in vast quantities throughout the world.

The food trade is the biggest user of coriander as it makes up at least 30% of all curry powders. It is also used by the majority of all Gins around the world as the second most important botanical.

Beacon Commodities’ vast experience in the food and botanical trade has allowed them to build up excellent contacts with farmers across the various origins including Morocco, Eastern Europe, Russia and India. Beacon Commodities inspect countless lots of coriander seed every year making calculated and informed decisions on which lots the Gin Industry will favour. Beacon Commodities has access to seed from around the world but will normally stock, Bulgarian (please see our Newsletter, Issue 1 for further details on Bulgaria), Russian and Moroccan seed at any one time with other origins at more random intervals.

coriander seeds botanicals for gin
Coriander seed trade and whole suplliers

Coriander is usually planted in the spring and harvested later that summer when the plant and therefore the seed has dried out. The plant can stand approximately one meter tall and is harvested using a modern combine harvester. After harvesting, coriander needs to be extensively processed and cleaned which can result in losses of 30-40%. This is where Beacon Commodities’ knowledge and close relationships are imperative to ensure a quality product with excellent purity percentages. Distillers are also interested in the volatile oil content and flavour profile of coriander for the manufacture and production of Gin.

Beacon Commodities grow their own UK coriander seed in Sussex providing distillers with a truly UK Grown botanical. The quality is exceptional with a high oil content and very citrus forward aroma / flavour profile.

Please contact or phone +44 1473 810 107 for more details.