We Source

Beacon Commodities source their products from all over the globe working closely with trusted farmers and collectors to source the finest product.


We Import

Beacon Commodities have gained a vast range of experience over many years importing niche products into the UK and throughout the world.


We Store

Beacon Commodities has access to a specifically designed and experienced spice warehouse within the UK to store and handle all their botanicals.


We Distribute

Beacon Commodities works closely with trusted distributors with experience in handling delicate food products and spices throughout the world.

Welcome to Beacon Commodities

Beacon Commodities, a family business, with family trading roots dating back to the 1850s
and now trading with 6 continents across the globe.

trade and wholesale botanical products

About us

Beacon Commodities sources, imports, stores and distributes a wide range of distilling botanicals and animal products ranging from Juniper Berries and Coriander to Orange and Lemon peel to animal bones for glue.

juniper trade and wholesale botanicals