Gin botanical suppliers

We source, store and distribute these throughout five continents with the wider known botanicals detailed below.

juniper berry wholesale suppliers uk

Juniper Berries

At Beacon Commodities we have trusted collectors of juniper berries throughout Europe whom we have worked with for many years. Juniper is the key botanical in the production of Gin. As juniper is a wild product, (unlike coriander, angelica, orange peel, and lemon peel) its handling and processing is essential to ensure a consistent and quality product. This is the reason why at Beacon Commodities we have built up such close relationships with our collectors over many years.

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Coriander seed

Coriander seed is grown by farmers as part of a traditional rotation crop and is traded in vast quantities throughout the world. The food trade is the biggest user of coriander as it makes up at least 30% of all curry powders. It is also used by the majority of all Gins around the world as the second most important botanical. Our  vast experience in the food and gin botanical trade has allowed them to build up excellent contacts with farmers across the various origins including Morocco, Eastern Europe, Russia and India.

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Angelica Root and Angelica Seed

Trade in angelica root and angelica seed is extremely specialised with only a few recognised uses (the production of Gin being one of them). As well as distilling, angelica is also used for decorating cakes and the perfumery trade. It is grown by a small number of farmers and we have worked hard to expand our supply from regions and countries across Europe. It is grown in Belgium, Germany, France and Poland.

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Orange Peel

We have been supplying the distilling trade and Gin industry with dried orange peel ribbons almost exclusively from the south of Spain. Sourcing of both the sweet and bitter orange has seen an increase in demand in recent years of which the majority can be put down to the success of the Gin trade. The harvest of bitter orange is on a much smaller scale mainly due to the smaller levels of demand and the major difference in flavour profile between the two.

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Orange peel trade supplies and supplier
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Lemon Peel

The lemon peel harvest comes slightly later than orange peel but is undertaken in exactly the same way. We will deal with the same suppliers for all their citrus fruit but experience has shown that some suppliers provide better lemon peels and therefore a working knowledge and close relationship with each supplier is imperative.

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Oris Root Powder

Orris Root Powder is milled from the root of the Iris flower and has traditionally come from hills around Northern Italy. The Iris plants are grown in rows, often between vines, and are harvested by hand. The roots are cleaned and then left to dry naturally in the sun. This means the root becomes extremely hard and it is this hardness that allows the root to be milled to such a fine powder.

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Other Botanicals

Beacon Commodities’ vast experience in the worldwide Gin trade has allowed them to source a wide range of other botanicals used in the production of Gin from across the globe with a number regularly stored at their UK Warehouse.
These include;

oris root powder trade suppliers

Cubeb Berries

Liquorice Root Powder wholesale suppliers

Liquorice Root Powder

cassia bark trade suppliers

Cassia Bark

almond powder suppliers

Almond Powder

rowan berries berry suppliers

Rowan Berries

chamomile flower wholesale suppliers

Chamomile Flowers

nutmeg wholesale supllies


Grapefruit wholesale and trade suppliers

Grapefruit Peel

For a more in depth list of botanicals, please download our Botanical List or call us on +44 1473 810 107 to enquire about any others.