Orris Root Powder

Orris Root Powder is milled from the root of the Iris flower and has traditionally come from hills around Florence, Italy.

The Iris plants are grown in rows, often between vines, and are harvested by hand. The roots are cleaned and then left to dry naturally in the sun.

This means the root becomes extremely hard and it is this hardness that allows the root to be milled to such a fine powder.

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Orris Root Powder is used in both the production of gin and in perfumery and is well known for it’s floral qualities but more importantly the ability to fixate flavour and smell within a bottle of Gin.

Orris Root Powder from Italy has enjoyed a near monopoly but at Beacon Commodities we have expanded our list of farmers and have found tried and trusted supplies in Morocco, giving Gin distillers an alternative option.

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