English coriander seed harvest in Sussex.

After a testing year across the globe, we were very pleased with the results of our latest English coriander seed harvest in Sussex.

Quality of the coriander seed

The yield and quality of the seed have both been excellent and the seed has now been cleaned packaged and delivered to our Warehouse so no issues with delays crossing the EU borders.


The crop suffered slightly after planting with a very dry (which is certainly rare for the UK) spell throughout April, May and June. However, the plant is drought resistance and flourishes on the edge of the Sahara in Morocco, so Sussex was not a problem! Interestingly, the Russian crop suffered from similar problems in February/March 2020 with a very dry spell but coupled with extremely cold nights meaning the coriander took more time than usual to establish.

English coriander field in Sussex
The field in full bloom and covered in honeybees
Harvesting coriander seeds for gin
A gravity separator table

Seed crop delivered to the warehouse

The harvest went smoothly and like last year we decided to put the crop through an on-field dryer to bring the moisture content down by around 3-4%. The seed then suffered it’s first ‘Covid delay’ with the seed cleaners overrun with jobs but with a lack of staff. However, the job was completed and the crop delivered to our Warehouse in November.

coriander seeds gin botanicals
The crop being packed after cleaning

Quality and yield

The excellent quality and yield has meant the price is more competitive than the offers we are receiving from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Morocco.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you feel you may have interest in acquiring a particular quantity as the seed is now being used by over 50 distilleries including some major brands.

Please contact Tommy on 07900 244 939 or email .