Beacon Commodities and the Gin industry

In this time, we have seen the popularity of Gin grow at an extraordinary rate (particularly in recent years) and our business has helped source and supply a vast number of the new Gins now found in the UK, South Africa, Australia, Japan, the US and many others.

The production of Gin and sourcing botanicals:

Whilst the exact process of making Gin can differ, the fundamental method is the distilling of a base neutral spirit of 96.3% ABV with a mixture of botanicals, where juniper is predominant, to produce a concentrate that is then cut with water to dilute the liquid and bring it down to the required ABV.

It is the mixture of botanicals that is combined with the base neutral spirit that forms the core of our business. We have been involved in the supply of quality botanicals for many years having originally started in the City of London. As recently as 10 years ago, the number of distilleries producing Gin was very small (predominantly well known names) and the sourcing and storing of botanicals was very different to what it has developed into today. However, we have retained their core business with supply links with some of the largest distillers in the world.

gin botanical suppliers uk
gin botanical suppliers

Botanicals –  The key component of Gin:

A key component in the production of any Gin is using quality and consistent botanicals to extract the very best flavour profiles. Beacon Commodities travel around the world sourcing the necessary quality and consistency, storing them in a warehouse in the UK and distributing them to their customers.

South Africa, Australia, Japan, The US as well as the UK:

We are supplying gin distillers in South Africa and Australia where the number of new Gin distillery openings per year is overtaking the UK. However, the whole Gin industry is still centred on the UK and with Beacon Commodities at the heart of the Gin trade, their UK warehouse is excellently located to ship botanicals around the world.

Ethically and responsibly:

Being a family business, Beacon Commodities source responsibly only from known suppliers, and deal direct with growers, collectors and processors therefore removing the ‘middleman’. Regular trips help to ensure an ethical and consistent supply and building relationships to help solve harvest problems that seem to become more regular with climate change. The importance of a close relationship with suppliers should never be under-estimated.

Please feel free to contact Tommy or Michael to discuss the gin trade and how Beacon’s botanicals provide a key role in the production of Gin.

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