Murcian Citrus Supplies

Checking on the progress of the citrus processing in Murcia, Spain.

Almost two years to the day since his last supplier visit, Tommy dusted down his passport and headed for Murcia to check on the progress of the citrus processing.

Excellent Spanish citrus fruit

The region of Murcia produces excellent citrus fruit being perfectly located between mountains to west and the Mediterranean Sea to the east.

spanish lemon peel gin botanicals
Lemon peel drying in the sun

Michael and Tommy have relationships with growers and processors stretching back decades and although source from other origins, Murcia is definitely the preferred option.

tommy houghton spanish citrus spain
With mask
tommy houghton lemon peel spain
Without mask
spanish grapefruit peel gin botanicals
Grapefruit peel

New groves of citrus fruit

Throughout Tommy’s visit, he saw a number of new groves of citrus fruit which have been planted over the past two years. This has been in response to increased prices and demand for a local supply of fruit amongst Spanish consumers. The worry for future supplies of peel remains the number of ‘peelers/ processors’.

It is a cottage industry within the elder generations of the region and there are fewer people wanting to enter it. However, the panic button should not be hit yet but something to be aware of.

citrus peels gin flavouring

Bitter Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit peel

Supplies of Bitter Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit are good and Tommy saw some quality lots being processed.

The more difficult citrus botanical is currently Sweet Orange with most of the fresh fruit supply going to juicers and citric acid producers.
This means the availability of fresh fruit is low and at much higher prices.

The cost and availability of freight from Spain is quite terrifying at the moment with another haulage strike announced as recently as 14th March. Beacon will overcome this and are looking at taking the majority of their shipments via sea out of Valencia or Bilboa.

grapefruit peel gin botanicals murcia spain
Grapefruit peel
lemon peel gin botanicals murcia spain
Lemon peel

Please feel free to contact either Tommy or Michael direct to discuss in greater detail.

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