Egyptian Citrus

Inspecting and processing of our Lemon Peel and the start of the Sweet Orange

Michael has recently returned from Egypt where he was inspecting the crop and processing of our Lemon Peel and the start of the Sweet Orange.

Price increases for Sweet Orange

The world orange juice price has risen significantly in recent months with demand outstripping supply and variable harvests across the globe. Lemon prices and supply fortunately remain stable. There will no doubt be a move from citrus producers to Sweet Orange to make up this shortfall and take advantage of the higher prices.


Egypt is a large producer of lemons and to a lesser extent of sweet orange and grapefruit. In our joint-venture, we process the whole fruit into ‘ribbons’ all of which is done by hand. The ‘ribbons’ are then dried in the sun for approximately 4 days and sorted for quality. They are then shipped by sea to the UK.

The Egyptian economy lurches from one financial crisis to another but demand is strong for lemons, keeping prices at last years level even with a weak Egyptian Pound. The quality this year is as good as usual, and we managed to buy what we required.
These lots of fresh fruit are now being processed before being shipped to the UK.

inspecting citrus peel quality
drying citrus peel gin botanicals
egyptian citrus peel gin botanicals