Checking on the Angelica Root supplies for the coming year

In December we went to Belgium to check on Angelica Root supplies for the coming year.

Having negotiated the snow and quite unbelievable traffic around Brussels we learnt a little more about this niche crop used predominantly in essential oils and gin production.


The root takes 14 months to mature and is planted in August with harvest taking place in October/November the following year (weather permitting). A good yield of 10 tonnes of root can be achieved from just 1 hectare but with vital importance placed on the processing following harvest.
Angelica farmers had a difficult year in 2016 with a very cold April stunting the growth of the root, killing some plants and reducing the yield and quality in others. The signs this year were more positive – if a little damp!

Angelica plant - 3 months old
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A mature angelica root
A mature root before washing
Angelica field
Tommy in newly planted field

We learnt different techniques for processing including the benefits of storing Angelica for up to one-month post-harvest and sometimes at low temperatures. This makes it easier to remove excess soil and stones before the root is cleaned. The drying process is solely used for dried roots and is different to the extraction of oils where the roots are distilled fresh.
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