Murcian Citrus Supplies


Murcian Citrus Supplies Checking on the progress of the citrus processing in Murcia, Spain. Almost two years to the day since his last supplier visit, Tommy dusted down his passport and headed for Murcia to check on the progress of the citrus processing. Excellent Spanish citrus fruit The region of Murcia produces excellent citrus fruit being perfectly located between mountains to west and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. Michael and Tommy have [...]

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Checking the Lemon Peel crop in Spain


Video of the Spanish lemon Peel crop 2019 We put together a short video following our trip to Spain to check the Lemon Peel crop - check it out below! Tommy recently visited Spain following some quite devastating floods in the Alicante/Murcia region in September 2019. He was there to check on the crops and the damage caused. It coincided nicely with the first processing of lemon peel. Please take a look at the video of his [...]

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Checking on the Spanish Citrus


Checking the progress of the Spanish Citrus The processing of citrus fruit is underway, and Tommy went to check in on the progress in Murcia, Spain. This region of Spain is well known for growing quantities of excellent fruit and vegetables. Beacon have been buying citrus peels from this region for many years now. Estimating fresh citrus In this region, the Bitter Orange is processed first, followed by Sweet Orange and finally the Lemon. We have to [...]

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Lemon processing in Egypt video


Lemon processing in Egypt Video We have put together a short video showing Michael hard at work peeling lemons in Egypt.

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Checking on the Spanish citrus peel


Spanish citrus peel harvest is now underway We went out to Murcia to check on the Spanish citrus peel In the middle of December 2017, we went out to Murcia to check on the Spanish citrus peel situation for the coming year. It proved a very important trip with concerns building for the upcoming harvest. The harvest is now underway. A dry year Murcia has experienced its driest year for over 40 years resulting in the artificial lakes [...]

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