Harvested English Coriander seed,


English Coriander seed harvest After many years of testing English weather conditions and difficulties in drying the English Coriander seed, we are pleased to report a bumper yield for the 2019 crop. Harvest We decided to harvest the seed on 20th and 21st September with what looked like 3 weeks of continuous rain to follow. Luckily, we did as the 'Weatherman' was for once correct and any delay would have destroyed the whole crop. The combine was [...]

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Planting new Coriander crop


Planting UK Corriander Good news! Our 2019 crop of UK Coriander was planted on Wednesday 24th April All fingers are now crossed at Beacon Commodities that the weather remains warm and the crop gets a ‘drink’ soon! More updates to follow during the year.

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UK Coriander crop


UK Corriander crop Gin and beer sales are not the only thing benefiting from this lovely spell of weather we are having in the UK! Our UK Coriander crop is coming along well with some of the crop already in bloom. This is far quicker than previous years. The bees are starting to descend to collect the pollen and hopefully this weather will last for a few more weeks yet!

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Weather watching and the coriander harvest


How the weather has affected the Coriander harvest in 2017 The summer of 2017 proved extremely tricky for all UK farmers and the same was the case for our English coriander. There was a hugely demoralising period leading up to harvest with terrible weather for over a month. This is contrary to our first report about the crop back in July 2017 where signs were positive. Weather watching We discovered in August and September just how many [...]

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