English Coriander seed harvest

After many years of testing English weather conditions and difficulties in drying the English Coriander seed, we are pleased to report a bumper yield for the 2019 crop.


We decided to harvest the seed on 20th and 21st September with what looked like 3 weeks of continuous rain to follow. Luckily, we did as the ‘Weatherman’ was for once correct and any delay would have destroyed the whole crop. The combine was still running at 10pm at night on the Saturday to get the seed in.

A significant change this year is that we have moved the farm where we grow the seed. Not only was this with a view to improve the crop but also the availability of an on-field dryer that could dry the coriander straight from the combine. This allowed us to take 3% off the moisture which proves vital for quality and long-term storage.

This year’s crop was much cleaner than any we have seen before with minimal weeds, good yields and consistency across the whole field. We are already looking forward to next year.

english corriander seed harvest
harvesting english corriander seed 2019

We would be delighted to hear from you if you feel you may have interest in acquiring a particular quantity (subject to sample approval). This will allow us to plan (as much as we can) our stocks going forward. Please contact Tommy on 01273 844264 or email