Egyptian Citrus


Egyptian Citrus Inspecting and processing of our Lemon Peel and the start of the Sweet Orange Michael has recently returned from Egypt where he was inspecting the crop and processing of our Lemon Peel and the start of the Sweet Orange. Price increases for Sweet Orange The world orange juice price has risen significantly in recent months with demand outstripping supply and variable harvests across the globe. Lemon prices and supply fortunately remain stable. There will no doubt [...]

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Serbian Juniper Harvest 2023


Serbian Juniper Harvest 2023 The 2023 Juniper harvest is fast approaching, and Tommy has just returned from Serbia. He was meeting collectors and inspecting the prospects for the new crop with harvest due to start in September. Good quantities starting to ripen Predictions for the new crop are better than 2022 but this is to be expected given the disastrous harvest last year from both a quality and quantity point of view. In Serbia, there appeared to be [...]

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Moroccan corriander crop


Moroccan Corriander crop Michael recently went to Morocco to see what the damage had been to the coriander crop due to the heavy rains which arrived at the time of harvest. Parts of the crop were “water damaged” meaning is was far darker than the usual honey coloured seed we are used to. Beware of the dark seed which may have a musty smell. Only 20% of the crop was harvested before the rains, so there is a premium [...]

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Macedonia 2022 Juniper crop


Macedonia 2023 Juniper crop Michael and Tommy visited Macedonia at the end of April 2023 Visiting Macedonia Michael and Tommy visited Macedonia at the end of April for a (very) early sneak peek at what to expect from the 2023 crop. The trip was more about planning following one of the worst yields in 2022 and given harvest is 5/6 months away. Concentrating on supplying our existing customers With a very poor yield across the Balkans in [...]

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English Coriander Seed


English Coriander Seed The earliest harvest yet of our English Coriander Seed. In 2021, we put out this report in December due to the extremely late harvest. Fast forward a year and we are pleased to report the earliest harvest yet of our English Coriander Seed. Drought resistant Coriander is an extremely drought resistant plant and our crop coped well in Sussex’s summer/Saharan conditions this year. It certainly could have done with a drop of rain throughout July/August [...]

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Macedonian Juniper Harvest


Macedonian Juniper Harvest Macedonia Trip Tommy recently returned from Macedonia where he was discussing quantities and the harvest for the next Juniper crop. This is due to start in September 2022. Given the travel restrictions it was his first trip to Macedonia for over two years and it was good to be back seeing some familiar faces. The Juniper berries are ripening It is too early to tell what the crop will look like this year [...]

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Sussex Coriander


Sussex Coriander English coriander from planting right through to harvest The fact that this report is being sent out in December is not due to Tommy putting his feet up! We promise. It is a case of extremely testing growing conditions from planting right through to harvest. April and May in Sussex were unseasonably cold with a number of frosts throughout both months. This meant that the planting of the coriander crop was delayed until 2nd [...]

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Juniper harvest 2021


Juniper Harvest 2021 Another Juniper harvest is well under way in the Balkans. Another Juniper harvest is well under way in the Balkans. Thankfully, the yields are an improvement in 2019 and 2020 and with good quality across all the regions. This should slow down the number of grey hairs appearing on Tommy’s head! Demand The demand for Juniper has not waivered over the past 24 months. The previous two harvests have been exceptionally poor (in 2019 and [...]

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Sourcing quality botanicals during Covid-19


Sourcing quality botanicals during Covid-19 What a testing year it has been for all! We hope the worst is past us but unfortunately this dreaded virus will create many more hurdles throughout 2021. Having to deal with Brexit at the same time has added to the ‘chaos’ as the ‘teething’ problems which were supposed to last weeks continue. Trips to see harvests Due to Covid restrictions, Tommy and Michael’s trips to see harvests and suppliers have been [...]

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English coriander seed harvest


English coriander seed harvest in Sussex. After a testing year across the globe, we were very pleased with the results of our latest English coriander seed harvest in Sussex. Quality of the coriander seed The yield and quality of the seed have both been excellent and the seed has now been cleaned packaged and delivered to our Warehouse so no issues with delays crossing the EU borders. Harvest The crop suffered slightly after planting with a very [...]

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