Macedonia 2022 Juniper crop


Macedonia 2023 Juniper crop Michael and Tommy visited Macedonia at the end of April 2023 Visiting Macedonia Michael and Tommy visited Macedonia at the end of April for a (very) early sneak peek at what to expect from the 2023 crop. The trip was more about planning following one of the worst yields in 2022 and given harvest is 5/6 months away. Concentrating on supplying our existing customers With a very poor yield across the Balkans in [...]

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Macedonian Juniper Harvest


Macedonian Juniper Harvest Macedonia Trip Tommy recently returned from Macedonia where he was discussing quantities and the harvest for the next Juniper crop. This is due to start in September 2022. Given the travel restrictions it was his first trip to Macedonia for over two years and it was good to be back seeing some familiar faces. The Juniper berries are ripening It is too early to tell what the crop will look like this year [...]

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Checking on the Spanish Citrus


Checking the progress of the Spanish Citrus The processing of citrus fruit is underway, and Tommy went to check in on the progress in Murcia, Spain. This region of Spain is well known for growing quantities of excellent fruit and vegetables. Beacon have been buying citrus peels from this region for many years now. Estimating fresh citrus In this region, the Bitter Orange is processed first, followed by Sweet Orange and finally the Lemon. We have to [...]

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Checking on the Spanish citrus peel


Spanish citrus peel harvest is now underway We went out to Murcia to check on the Spanish citrus peel In the middle of December 2017, we went out to Murcia to check on the Spanish citrus peel situation for the coming year. It proved a very important trip with concerns building for the upcoming harvest. The harvest is now underway. A dry year Murcia has experienced its driest year for over 40 years resulting in the artificial lakes [...]

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