English Coriander Seed


English Coriander Seed The earliest harvest yet of our English Coriander Seed. In 2021, we put out this report in December due to the extremely late harvest. Fast forward a year and we are pleased to report the earliest harvest yet of our English Coriander Seed. Drought resistant Coriander is an extremely drought resistant plant and our crop coped well in Sussex’s summer/Saharan conditions this year. It certainly could have done with a drop of rain throughout July/August [...]

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Sussex Coriander


Sussex Coriander English coriander from planting right through to harvest The fact that this report is being sent out in December is not due to Tommy putting his feet up! We promise. It is a case of extremely testing growing conditions from planting right through to harvest. April and May in Sussex were unseasonably cold with a number of frosts throughout both months. This meant that the planting of the coriander crop was delayed until 2nd [...]

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Bees and English Coriander


Bees and English Coriander The English coriander fields are perfect for honeybees in search of pollen Working with Tommy, I sometimes need a break, so I take myself off to my bees for a chat. They are very friendly and don’t answer back. Even with up to 40,000 bees in one hive! I keep my hives on our farm on the Sussex Downs to crop wild flower honey. Bees visiting the coriander We have been growing our English [...]

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