English Angelica Harvest


English angelica harvest We are excited to report that our English Angelica has just been harvested after 15 months in the ground This is another step forward to increasing the number of UK grown gin botanicals. Growing more UK gin botanicals. Being botanical-traders we source all manner of herbs, spices and roots from around the world bringing them into our UK warehouse. However, we have always had a burning ambition to try and grow more UK gin [...]

English Angelica Harvest2019-09-30T12:23:15+01:00

Checking the UK Angelica crop


Checking the UK Angelica crop We lifted a couple of our UK Angelica plants recently to check on the root structure. We were pleased with the progress and hope that another growing season before harvesting in October/November 2019 will add to the quality and yield.

Checking the UK Angelica crop2020-04-23T11:27:52+01:00
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