Inspecting progress of our UK Angelica crop

We have recently been to inspect the progress of our UK Angelica crop which ‘celebrated’ its 12-month birthday on 31st May 2019. The plan is to harvest the crop in October this year.


We were pleased at how healthy the crop looks with some of the plants standing over 5 feet tall. The seed heads were developing well and there were no problems with weeds which can be an issue on the Fens. We also lifted a couple of the plants to inspect the root growth. We were instantly encouraged by the strong smell from the root. However, the root growth was not as extensive as the growth above the ground. We do now have the best part of 4 growing months before harvesting and therefore remain hopeful the plants will start directing their efforts/energy towards root growth.

Processing and trials

One of the biggest tests will be the processing of the root once harvested. Angelica root needs to be washed, dried, cut and sieved. We are putting plans in place with the farm and our own warehouse to undertake this in the most precise and ‘stress-free’ manner.

We did also run a small trial at the beginning of the year and received some very positive feedback about the oil content and flavour profile of the root, so we are hoping for big things come the harvest.

suppliers of angelica root for gin
Inspecting a recently planted plug
angelica root gin ingredients
Michael in the thick of it
Growing angelica root in uk
The newly planted crop
Angelica root supplies for gin
The crop was attracting a huge number of pollinators

Promoting British botanicals

We are excited about the potential for this project and extremely grateful to De Ramsey Estate Farms for supporting us.

This has allowed us to plant another site for harvest in October 2021.

We hope it will be a crop that will become a common sight in the Fens and once again promote British botanicals and British farming.

We would welcome your support and any advice or feedback you would be willing to offer for this project so please do not hesitate to contact Tommy or Michael.