Inspecting this year’s Juniper crop

Tommy has just returned from a recent trip to inspect this year’s Juniper crop and to discuss plans with collectors.

The demand for Juniper continues to rise and not just for the distillation of gin. The market for Juniper berry oil used across many trades, such as the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, continues to grow, placing pressure on what we hope will be a good harvest.


During his trip, Tommy met with collectors preparing for the harvest. It is their experience that enables the collection of top-grade Juniper irrespective of the quality and yield that each year has to offer. Many have just finished harvesting mushrooms with mixed results.

The yields were generally good but the quality of the mushrooms was exceptionally poor. We are definitely noticing a reduction in the number of collectors as many move to cities and office-based jobs. This is not disastrous yet but an issue to monitor closely.

ripe juniper berries crop
suppliers of juniper for gin
Juniper selfie No.1
A ripe juniper berry for gin
A ripe (but moist) Juniper berry


At this time of year we hope to see a large percentage of the green ‘unripe’ berries changing colour and ripening to the usual blue/black colour. The higher up the mountains the Juniper grows, the later the berries will ripen. This only becomes an issue if the poor weather arrives early preventing the harvesting of these areas. Fingers crossed for a calm and settled October!

Macedonia mountains with juniper bushes
The mountains
flavourings organics berries for gin ingredients
Tommy Haughton with juniper bushes
Juniper selfie No.2 (in a very prickly bush)
close up juniper berries organics

Please take a look here for  the video which Tommy has put together of his trip. If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact either Tommy or Michael.

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