Macedonia 2022 Juniper crop


Macedonia 2023 Juniper crop Michael and Tommy visited Macedonia at the end of April 2023 Visiting Macedonia Michael and Tommy visited Macedonia at the end of April for a (very) early sneak peek at what to expect from the 2023 crop. The trip was more about planning following one of the worst yields in 2022 and given harvest is 5/6 months away. Concentrating on supplying our existing customers With a very poor yield across the Balkans in [...]

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Macedonian Juniper Harvest


Macedonian Juniper Harvest Macedonia Trip Tommy recently returned from Macedonia where he was discussing quantities and the harvest for the next Juniper crop. This is due to start in September 2022. Given the travel restrictions it was his first trip to Macedonia for over two years and it was good to be back seeing some familiar faces. The Juniper berries are ripening It is too early to tell what the crop will look like this year [...]

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UK Juniper 2020


Whilst in Scotland in September 2020, Tommy did manage to find some Scottish Juniper. Unfortunately, very small quantities and very poor quality. It would have taken quite some time to dry these lots!

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Beacon Commodities on lockdown


Beacon Commodities on lockdown Some time has passed since our last Newsletter and we hope this finds you, your family and friends safe and well. What strange times we are currently living in with devastating effects to life and the hospitality industry. Beacon Commodities on lockdown Tommy and Michael have always worked from home so there has been little change in the day to day running of the business. Many trips to suppliers across the globe have been [...]

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Inspecting this year’s Juniper crop


Inspecting this year’s Juniper crop Tommy has just returned from a recent trip to inspect this year’s Juniper crop and to discuss plans with collectors. The demand for Juniper continues to rise and not just for the distillation of gin. The market for Juniper berry oil used across many trades, such as the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, continues to grow, placing pressure on what we hope will be a good harvest. Collectors During his trip, Tommy met [...]

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Progress of our UK Angelica crop


Inspecting progress of our UK Angelica crop We have recently been to inspect the progress of our UK Angelica crop which ‘celebrated’ its 12-month birthday on 31st May 2019. The plan is to harvest the crop in October this year. Progress We were pleased at how healthy the crop looks with some of the plants standing over 5 feet tall. The seed heads were developing well and there were no problems with weeds which can be an [...]

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Juniper in Macedonia


Juniper crop in Macedonia. Tommy visits Macedonia to see what may be expected from the 2018 crop. Well it is safe to say that the ‘Gin boom’ continues on an upward curve both here in the UK and across the globe! Newspaper articles, television shows and magazine features appear almost daily on the popularity of gin and the opening of a new distillery. As you can imagine the demand for Juniper is on exactly the same course! [...]

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