Moroccan corriander crop


Moroccan Corriander crop Michael recently went to Morocco to see what the damage had been to the coriander crop due to the heavy rains which arrived at the time of harvest. Parts of the crop were “water damaged” meaning is was far darker than the usual honey coloured seed we are used to. Beware of the dark seed which may have a musty smell. Only 20% of the crop was harvested before the rains, so there is a premium [...]

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Inspecting this year’s Juniper crop


Inspecting this year’s Juniper crop Tommy has just returned from a recent trip to inspect this year’s Juniper crop and to discuss plans with collectors. The demand for Juniper continues to rise and not just for the distillation of gin. The market for Juniper berry oil used across many trades, such as the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, continues to grow, placing pressure on what we hope will be a good harvest. Collectors During his trip, Tommy met [...]

Inspecting this year’s Juniper crop2019-07-29T12:07:44+01:00

Planting new Coriander crop


Planting UK Corriander Good news! Our 2019 crop of UK Coriander was planted on Wednesday 24th April All fingers are now crossed at Beacon Commodities that the weather remains warm and the crop gets a ‘drink’ soon! More updates to follow during the year.

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Checking the UK Angelica crop


Checking the UK Angelica crop We lifted a couple of our UK Angelica plants recently to check on the root structure. We were pleased with the progress and hope that another growing season before harvesting in October/November 2019 will add to the quality and yield.

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Juniper in Macedonia


Juniper crop in Macedonia. Tommy visits Macedonia to see what may be expected from the 2018 crop. Well it is safe to say that the ‘Gin boom’ continues on an upward curve both here in the UK and across the globe! Newspaper articles, television shows and magazine features appear almost daily on the popularity of gin and the opening of a new distillery. As you can imagine the demand for Juniper is on exactly the same course! [...]

Juniper in Macedonia2018-07-12T10:13:46+01:00
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